Prayer Time

Prayer: Good Morning…

Father God in the precious and powerful name of Jesus do I come before You boldly this day asking of this very simple thing of You and that is a supernatural touch for every child of God! You know the needs! You know the wants! You know the circumstances! You know the ins and outs, truthfully, better than we do! Father, You know the insecurities! You know the resources needed to make things happen. You know the heart! You know the mindset! You know the inequities! You know the strongholds and what has Your people bound! You know the addictions! You know the sickness and disease that ails Your people! You know what makes us tick! The passion! You, oh God, know us through and through! Yes! So I’m asking this day for the extraordinary that will change us forever! That will impact our lives in a miraculous way! Where chains are broken and there are no more shackles! Where strongholds are pulled down! Where addictions are no more! Yes! Remove the taste and desire so that it will not be! Where divine healing from the inside out happens! Yes Lord! Physically! Mentally! Emotionally! Spiritually! Yes Lord, yes! I’m asking this day to mend the broken hearted! To put back together those who are broken and shattered into millions of pieces! Touch even the most cynical my God as only You can! I’m asking my Lord that hope flourishes where it was once dead! I’m asking that You resurrect life in the dead and dry places! Father God, there is nothing that You cannot do! Lift up the heads and hearts of Your people my Lord! Where doors were closed, open the right ones! May blessings flow from the most unusual of places! God, move this day and those to come in a mighty way! I’m still asking for that one touch that will do a multitude of things! All of my faith, hope and trust is in You! I’m believing that You are doing this very thing for Your child right now! I’m believing and decreeing that it’s already done! You’ve never let me down! Your record of faithfulness is impeccable my Lord for You can never fail! So I’m asking this day Father, this very day, that You do the exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever imagine in the life of every believer, every child…Your beloved! Yes! And amen! Yes! This here I’m declaring and decreeing to be in the mighty and matchless name of Christ Jesus! Amen! Amen! Praise God Almighty! And amen!

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