Prayer Time

Morning Prayer 10 18 17

Most gracious and loving Father above we give You all thanks, glory, honor and praise this day! As we marvel at Your magnificence and revel in Your love, we stand still this day knowing that You are God! You are THAT One that we can talk to when there is no one else who can comprehend what we feel inside! When our mind cannot put words to the tears that fall from our eyes and our hearts, You know the reason behind each one that falls! When there is no one else that we can turn to, You are there! When our backs are up against the wall, You make a way where we KNOW there was none! Oh glory to Your name! When it seem like, and operative word being SEEM, the enemy will destroy us, You come against against him! Your protection is like no other security system in this here world! It behooves us to remain close to You! Oh yes God! I’m praising You on this here day for rest in You! For the renewed mind and righteous spirit that You place within us! Praising You for purging us of inequities as You cleanse our hearts! I am thanking You for building up that which was torn down! And pulling down walls that we have built up over time due to hurt and distrust! Yes! And amen! Do it God! This here day I’m praising You for the marvelous things that are of You! For the good and perfect gifts that comes from above! For the suddenlies and breakthroughs in our lives! For the beauty that our eyes behold that comes from our ashes! Oh yes God! For the grand revelations revealed unto us as we seek Your heart and mind! Yes! On this here day! This here I pray, believe and decree to be in that name above all others, Christ Jesus! And it is so! Amen! Amen! Glory hallelujah and amen!

Offered by Shavetta Williams

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