Prayer Time

Morning Prayer

Offered by Shavetta Williams

Good morning my Love! It’s a magnificent day and we rejoice and are glad in it! It’s one where we bask in Your peace, love and joy as mercy and grace covers us! Surrounded by legions of angels that fight, minister and protect us! May it hit the heart of just how precious are we to You, my Lord!So much so that Your eyes are continually upon us! We sit in the palm of Your hand! You hold us against Your bosom as You soothe our soul! You wipe the tears that fall from our eyes where we shall reap joy for every one sown in sorrow! You hear even the silent cries of our heart, kissing the tender spots! Where we’ve been broken, some I dare say shattered, You put us back together better than we were before! You take the time to cultivate our gifts and talents to be used for the edification of the Kingdom! You purge us of inequities so that Your goodness and righteousness is established deep within! You renew our minds that we think and have the mind of Christ daily! You prune, prod and shape us to bring forth the awesome blossoms that are blessings to Your people! I’m thanking You this day for life and life abundantly! For salvation that the Son has given through His life! I’m thanking You on the midst of trials that have only made us stronger! For the ones that have shaped our characters and caused us to press even more into You, my Lord, rooting and establishing us in Your everlasting love! I’m asking for a mind blowing day in You! One where all needs are exceeded! Where the desires of the heart begin to manifest in extraordinary ways! Where we walk in the full favor of You! With a clear mind and heart we lay concerns at Your feet so that we can just enjoy You and the moments this day brings! Yes this here I declare and decree to be in the mighty and matchless name of Christ Jesus! And it is so! Amen and amen and amen!

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